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Over the past few days, civil unrest has gripped our entire nation. This was due to the unwarranted and senseless murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis last week by a police officer who placed his knee on the neck of Mr. Floyd for nine minutes as he begged for his life, while three other officers charged to protect and serve, did little — none of them displaying a shred of decency or humanity. It represents the latest, and perhaps the most disturbing, incident of police brutality against an African American man. As such, I feel compelled to share my personal thoughts because I cannot in all good conscience remain silent while the continuation of unchecked violence results in the loss of black lives without regard or consequence. I am a proud African American man who loves this country. I have close friends and family of all races, and I pride myself on being measured and fair. I am tired of watching innocent black men being targeted with violence at the hands of law enforcement. Tired of ignorant bigots taking the law into their own hands and feeling justified to confront black citizens. Tired of the media-driven, negative stereotypes that shape the dangerous narrative surrounding young black men.


My clients successfully rewrite their love stories as they learn how to date multiple men simultaneously. She gives single women the tools they need to live full and well-rounded lives, so that when they encounter love and find a life partner, they are able to enter that union whole, full of self knowledge, and aware of their individual value. Stacii Jae wrote her first book, Date Girl!

The premise of Date Girl!

“I help single women fix their dating lives and attract the love they want by NBC​, CBS, Black Enterprise, VIBE, News One w/ Roland Martin, FOX, BET, and.

Movie Review: Constellation. Movie Review: Smokin’ Aces. Common: The Smokin’ Aces Interview. Movie Review: Freedom Writers. Movie Review: Pursuit of Happyness. Jennifer Hudson: The Dreamgirls Interview.

“You’re Just Screwed”: Why Black-Owned Businesses Are Struggling to Get Coronavirus Relief Loans

Black Enterprise founder, Earl G. Graves Sr. Earl G.

AfriDate: The Dating App for Black People Worldwide – Black Enterprise resources, the AfriDate app strives to incorporate an assortment of dating traditions.

It’s International Women’s Day, and we’re taking a look back at some African-American women who haved paved the way for both us and future generations. Barney Ford was born a slave in Virginia. At the age of twenty-fire, he escaped and began a successful career in a variety of entrepreneurial ventures. In the hope of discovering gold in California, Ford purchased ship passage for himself and his wife, Julia, by way of Nicaragua.

Central America proved lucrative and Ford decided to stay. However, Nicaragua’s reinstatement of slavery forced him…. Walker An African American teacher and businesswoman Walker was the first female bank president and the first woman to charter a bank in the United States As. A veteran of corporate evolution, Ursula Burns was named chairwoman of VEON in , just as the international telecom expanded offerings to its more than million customers to compete as a global online company.

Remember her?? Mansa Musa I, ruler of Mali and the richest person in history, had a personal net worth of four hundred billion at the time of his death in Some years ago Nick Cannon expressed his disdain for movies such as “Django Unchained” and “12 Years a Slave,” saying he’s tired of seeing Black people. EdAnime Productions produces Meltrek and creates worldwide buzz with this educational animated series which foster self-esteem, self-awareness, and solidarity.

Rene Lacoste , French tennis champion and businessman, nicknamed The Crocodile, creator of the Lacoste tennis shirt with the little croc embroidered on the chest in

5 Black Women Career & Business Coaches You Should Consult Now

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Are you marrying your idea when you should only be dating it? Do you From through , Edmond was chief editor of Black Enterprise magazine.

On a recent winter morning, I had the pleasure of interviewing Earl G. Graves Sr. Every inch of wall space in his warm house is lined with photographs, memorabilia and art — none more precious to him than those that originated with his family — be it photographs of ancestors dating back to the early s or letters from his three sons. The tour was to assure Mr. I understood how strongly he feels that his success lay with his ancestry and his legacy with his children. Scarsdale Inquirer: Before I begin, I have been asked by people aware of this interview to express their appreciation of your festive seasonal decorations.

I am sure I speak for many Scarsdalians as I too thank you. You were raised in the Bedford Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn. Your parents were role models. Would you say that event helped shape and inspire your crusade for equal opportunities for African-Americans or were there others that also stand out? A: That event is clearly important, as I can still remember it well. But there were others. I remember my mother took me to the subway so I could learn to ride it.

Black business events in London, United Kingdom

Double minority and kicking butt everyday in the world of business. That is why as a Black man, I wanted to try and help out my brothers that may get the lucky chance to meet one of these extraordinary individuals. How do you catch the attention of a black female entrepreneur?

Real Talk about Dating, Sex and Relationships moderated by Relationship Coach and Host of Our World with Black Enterprise, Paul C Brunson.

The company helped to spark black interest in technology, assists aspiring minority entrepreneurs get their apps or projects off the ground for little to no cost and bridges policy and innovation to combat social issues in communities. Amanda is slated to be the National Director of Communications for BDPA, the largest and oldest non-profit for minority IT professionals and frequently speaks on the topics of media, entertainment and technology.

Visit her blog at BreakingtheBrand. She joined the IZEA family soon after finishing college and has held been instrumental to the advertiser and brand networks, strategic execution of client campaigns and Influencer relations. Her perspective of the Influencer Marketing space is extremely unique as she is involved in both the brand and Influencer side of the business on a daily basis and through this has learned what both sides want and need to deliver a successful campaign.

He consistently does radio interviews covering a variety of topics from dating and relationship to the state of black men in America and more. He is represented by Dream Relations Agency. Twitter: DerrickJaxn. Kimberly Wright of Keystrokes By Kimberly is a natural leader, a pioneering renaissance lady, prolific speaker, ardent philanthropist, passionate entrepreneur, community advocate, avid blogger and writer who auspiciously pursues success, happiness and peace for herself and others.

Kimberly pens Keystrokes By Kimberly which is a synergy lifestyle blog which focuses on how to live a positive lifestyle through every aspect of living a positive life from health, events, wealth, family, happiness, entertainment and travel. Turkesha is the mother of three boys and spends her spare time as a Social Media Consultant, traveling the world while encouraging and empowering women to follow their dreams.

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According to Newsweek, only three percent of game developers are African American. Rap Godz founder, Omari Akil speculates that Black board game designers made up less than 12 percent of the 5, board games released in Check out these five games created by Black entrepreneurs. What do you think about the Olympics blackpower fist? Remind you of anyone today! The information on the cards range a span of five different skill levels and feature multiple-choice questions.

Black business events in London, United Kingdom. Category The Black Business Networking Expo. Sat, Oct 3 Single Black Dating Meet-up. Fri, Sep 11​.

Magazine article Black Enterprise. Regardless of which factors you value most–employment opportunities, a reasonable cost of living, entrepreneurial assistance, accessible transportation, or cultural offerings–you’re sure to find a place that meets your needs or at least piques your curiosity. Consider these interesting facts about our top picks:. Now you may be wondering how we culled our top picks, particularly since the usual suspects, New York City and Los Angeles, didn’t make the cut.

We placed an interactive “readers’ choice” survey on our Website www. Over a nine week period, between January 16 and March 23, , more than 4, surfers responded. Participants were asked to evaluate their cities based on their level of satisfaction with 21 quality-of-life factors. Responses ranged from 1 very dissatisfied to 5 very satisfied , with 3 being neutral.

Black Enterprise Founder Earl Graves Sr. Dies [Condolences]

Jeannette Carter, a successful business owner, wants to match that success in her personal life. Brunson, a former investment banker and a married man of 10 years, says there are several key, but simple, mistakes that most African Americans make that simple but core adjustments would yield bountiful harvest in the area of relationships. Number one, Brunson proclaims with thunderous resolution, black women are not in the midst of a man famine, despite the well-publicized articles and so-called scholarly research.

Executive Editor-at-Large of Black Enterprise • Award-winning Business Journalist • Host of Are you marrying your idea when you should only be dating it?

Entrepreneurs, including highly successful ones, fall in love just like most people. But many risk everything — including access to their business, their business resources, and their personal finances — by blindly and prematurely trusting the people they become emotionally or sexually involved with. The victims are too embarrassed to admit that they were taken advantage of. They blame themselves for being foolish and gullible. Partners and employees who know the true story may keep it to themselves, for fear of violating the privacy of their colleagues.

They fear retaliation from one or more of those involved in the relationship. The bottom line? As small business owners achieve greater levels of success, status and wealth, they must never forget the first rule of healthy relationships: Protect yourself at all times. Withhold access to your body, money, home, and heart until you have done your due diligence and are clear about who a person is, not just what they are i.

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Why am I attracting black guys?