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A statement issued on Friday, June 15, signed by representatives from nine African countries say the regulations and other related online content laws undermine freedom of expression, access to information, and media freedom. Dar es Salaam. According to African bloggers, they are committed to the universal and continental rights of Africans to the rights of freedom of expression, access to information in tandem with the important rights of all to access the internet. They condemn Tanzania for enacting a policy that require licensing and criminalizing the democratic work of bloggers and whistleblowers. Furthermore, bloggers said that was against globally valued tradition of African solidarity in pursuit of not only democracy, but also social and economic justice beyond its own borders and at great national sacrifice to its own people. They therefore requested the regional integrations to ensure that the new policies enacted by Tanzania on the access and use of internet and its offshoot become more democratic not only to bloggers but also for every African citizen. Read more: Media watchdog calls on Tanzania to scrap online content law.

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About 60 percent of Tanzanians have access to an improved water source. Most of the unmet need is located in small towns and rural communities where broken infrastructure, unmetered water points, and water rationing is commonplace. Under the leadership of the Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Agency RUWASA , the Wanginyi Community is expanding water access and taking advantage of internal and external financing to fund maintenance and extension of water services that reach more people.

Improved management has unlocked competitive sources of public and private funding, like payments by result funds, from the Ministry of Water, which provide local government authorities with financial incentive to maintain and expand rural water supply infrastructure. Through its Community Owned Water Supply Organization COWSO , the local organization responsible for management of the water scheme, the Wanginyi Community has improved management and operations of the water system and is taking advantage of internal and external financing to fund maintenance and extension of water services to reach more people.

The COWSO has opened its first bank account, doubled its capacity, and installed meters at all 41 water points serving nearly a thousand people.

Departure Date: Three weeks from today (6/4/), Team Tanzania departs for Mount Kilimanjaro. Projects.

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Tanzanian authorities ban online TV station, fine 2 others

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Culture in Tanzania Isimila – an ancient stone age site with archaeological finds dating between , Guest Blog: Syeda’s Home Stay.

Surprisingly, however, the total number of confirmed cases and deaths in Ghana as of 15 May stood at 5, and 28 respectively, far higher than Tanzania where the last released data on 29 April showed confirmed cases and 21 deaths. However, it is possible that, unlike Ghana, Tanzania may be under-reporting its cases given the apparent opaqueness in the release of COVIDrelated data. Nevertheless, it is likely that the differential outcomes in confirmed cases and deaths appear better in Tanzania than Ghana largely because of the combined effects of differences in law enforcement and compliance and integration into the global economy.

Countries with high enforcement of and compliance with basic life-saving regulations, on such issues as sanitation, are said to be more likely to contain public health crisis such as COVID than their counterparts. On the one hand, despite falling behind Ghana in terms of WJP scores, as a regular Uber, taxi, and bajaj passenger in Dar es Salaam, Mwanza, and Geita, I observed a high level of compliance with zebra-crossing and other traffic regulations during my fieldwork in Tanzania in December and January On the contrary, it is common knowledge that Ghanaian drivers of all classes generally violate similar traffic regulations with impunity because of limited enforcement of such regulations.

There is also the issue of population. This density does not hold, however, at the subnational level between major urban areas. These food distribution exercises gathered hundreds, if not thousands or millions , of people without regard to social distancing rules, creating a breeding ground for the virus in the process.

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After graduation I came to Tanzania as a volunteer for a London based I created a Cultural Tourism website and also started writing a blog.

News from our partner projects who do fantastic work around Tanzania. We firmly believe in the work that they do and support them wholeheartedly. Back to top. We’ve just concluded our most exciting photo internship to date. We had none other that the incredible Chris Schmid as mentor and guest instructor and the results speak for themselves And boy oh boy did they have a great time.

Arrived at camp bright and early in time for breakfast. They were Twelve students and two teachers from Merenga Primary school were treated to a Nomad safari and time in camp, seeing the wildlife up close in Starting off twentytww with in sight for the Serengeti. Our eye clinic outreach team hit the road again and headed up to villages

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My trip next month to Tanzania seems a long time away so I was looking to do some more reading before I leave. I’m struggling to find many books on Tanzania so maybe all you tripadvisors may know of a blog that might be worth reading instead. I was also looking forward to going through the new Rough guide to Tanzania that was supposed to be out last month but they sadly have now put back the publishing date to Jan next year!

Maybe the build up was too strong but it just did not hit the button for me. As you say different strokes. This from one who has walked out of “Blockbuster” Film premiers with a glazed expression as the opening titles rolled!

Answer 51 of My trip next month to Tanzania seems a long time away they sadly have now put back the publishing date to Jan next year!

I was born in Frankfurt, Germany in June , raised by a single Mum who had come to Germany from France when she was only 19 years old. Incidentally I also moved away from home when I was just During that period I spent two months in Zimbabwe to do research for my dissertation on human-animal conflict. It was at that time that I fell in love with Africa and promised myself I would be back soon.

I worked for a year close to the Selous Game Reserve where we focused on establishing migration corridors for large mammals. Then I moved to Mafia Island, south of the famous Zanzibar, still working for the same organization and now working in a Marine Protected Area doing fish censuses. I met my husband Sokoine while working on Mafia Island.

We lived in a small village inside the Marine Park and Sokoine worked as security for a dive centre. I met him on my first day on the island while strolling through the village and I was taken by him straight away. It was his eyes that attracted me — I remember that as if it was yesterday. I spoke a little Swahili then and tried to keep him there on the road where I had bumped into him and some friends. But during the first weeks, Sokoine and the other Masai were reserved towards us, friendly and always smiling, but preferred to stay by themselves.

A comparative look at Ghana and Tanzania’s COVID-19 containment

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Watching Tanzania leapfrog the digital divide we have to date seen significant progress in terms of Tanzania plugging into the global network.

Thank you! The Yellow Zebra blog about travelling in Africa. Are you confused as to whether you should travel to the Okavango Delta or the Serengeti? Here, YZ expert Wies outlines the differences between the reserves, to help you decide which is better for your safari to Africa. She explains why Africa is such a great destination for a solo holiday. Here we take a look at both areas, so you can work out which is the right destination for you:. Rich in national parks and game reserves, and including the brilliant beach destination of Zanzibar, Tanzania has so much to offer the nature lover, and when it comes to wildlife, the country is a real treasure trove!

Boasting some of the best wildlife in all of Africa, South Africa is a favourite destination for first-time safaris. Here, we outline the mammals and birds you can expect to see on a South Africa safari:. A Big Five safari to Africa will include sightings of lion, buffalo, leopard, elephant, and rhino! After your first safari and witnessing the famous Big Five, we recommend focusing on some of the more interesting and elusive wildlife, such as the aardvark, aardwolf, porcupine, caracal and pangolin:.

This is: whales, dolphins, seals, sharks and penguins! Here, we outline the mammals and birds that you can expect to see during a safari to this amazing destination. Seeing buffalo on an African safari is probably the easiest of the Big Five members to spot.