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You attempt to remain interested in the boring nuances of his day-to-day existence but notice that he never asks about yourself. He pays for the check, leaves a large tip, and reminds you that he plays with money for a living — but oh, what do you do again? Step away from the economic ego and meet the new beloved bachelor: the software engineer. After years of dating patronizing men, it was refreshing to find someone who considered my interests worthwhile. I am currently seeing my second software engineer and I can confidently say they are different from the rest. Programmers crave steadiness, both in their jobs and in life. Due to the increasing computerization of society, they have become a rare breed in high demand, and they are the same in the dating world. Rather than impressing you with their intelligence, they prefer to win you over with their laissez-faire personalities. They are clean-cut and put-together without making it obvious that they know how to dress themselves.

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Since Tinder’s launch in , more than 20 billion matches have been made. So it’s no wonder the company has gained insights into our dating preferences. As a result, Tinder just unveiled its “Year in Swipe,” a look into how people used the dating app throughout In , Tinder released its Top Picks feature, which allows premium users the ability to sort potential matches using tags , according to Tech Crunch. For its Year in Swipe, Tinder analysed the data and found women were most likely to use the tag “engineer” to find potential mates, while men most often sorted using the “adventurer” tag.

The second top tag preference for women was a three-way tie, with the tags “athlete,” “model,” and “lifesaver.

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When dating Engineers, it is not like dating a regular person at all. For instance, you may want to steer clear of fashion topics. They may also have mastery in most technical subjects, and want you to know that, where as you might have first thought that they would actually want to connect with humanity or discuss an awesome social topic. They will most likely not bring the latter two subjects up; it is not in the repertoire of things important to them.

Risk versus Reward Engineer might love rewards, and discussing them, yet they do not like to take risks. He or she may bury themselves in an issue of technicality that is way too detailed to explain and extremely complicated. Therefore it will not be explained further. The topic of gadgetry Engineers love gadgets. They see what it would be needed for the object to be a super gadget. They always seek to find out how something might work, and literally spend hours figuring new ways to do things.

That person may also be trying to calculate how much you can absorb of the information. Engineers are also like walking encyclopedias when it comes to some favorite topics. How to get an Engineer to fix something Do you have anything in your cupboards or drawers that can be fixed by an engineer? No problem is too big to tackle, and no mountain is too tall to move to an Engineer.

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How do I do my taxes? Where do I invest? What should I eat? How do I find a job?

Dating Advice for the scientifically literate! If you’re tired of all the wishy-washy books about dating and relationships, Dating for Engineers is for you.

Finding love is never easy because there are so many people in the world that you are confused about which one you are going to fit with. But have you ever think about finding your soulmate through their profession? An engineer may not exactly be a job as popular as doctors or actors but they are a great job. They also breed great people that can make great lovers. Curios why? Here are the true reasons why you should date an engineer;. In the engineering world, being punctual about their time is crucial.

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Are you looking to start dating an engineer, or are you yourself an engineer looking for love? If you nodded vigorously in response to any one of those three questions, you might want to sit down, because we have some rather brilliant news for you. At EliteSingles, we have an enormous membership comprised of discerning singles from all manner of backgrounds — including engineers!

Reasons not to date an engineer · 1. Engineers tend to consider shirts and jeans as an acceptable formal outfit. They also like to consider hot.

Dating engineers is like coding, requires to be reinforced with precise data to make it on target. If you have started talking like that, you too are dating an engineer like moi! You have stopped complaining about your classes because every time you open your mouth to rant, he smirks! And his sneers are legit! You have tried wrapping your head around his syllabus but in vain, since that was more than likely engineered by Satan!

And your parents too. Only that!

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Against better judgement, the shining glare of the purple GPA brings you in. All things frosh week. The Tea Room. Every single time.

A guide to dating (and sometimes surviving a breakup with) an engineer. We love them. We hate them. We love to hate them. But at the end of.

O nce upon a time, there was a man who thought love was a maths problem. Something like that, who knows. Anyway, it sounds like finding a girlfriend was crazy hard before computers! He is currently 32 and works in finance, creating software that helps banks comply with regulations. His self-deprecating streak is tempered by optimism. In he moved to New York from North Carolina.

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Women’s top picks were people with the tag “engineer,” while men Read more: A comprehensive guide to every dating term you’ll ever need.

Dating and relationships are often very challenging areas for nerdy types like engineers and science majors. Until recently, I had nonexistent experience in this area as well. Also having seen my parents go through a painful divorce not long ago, I was very hesitant to delve into the uncharted territory of dating until I was 29 years old. Have any additional advice? Feel free to share in the comments. Finally, to close, here are the criteria my good friend Victoria and I came up for our significant others.

We compiled these over the course of many commutes to and from grad school.

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Bored in lockdown? Unable to head to the workshop and build that gadget you’ve been designing for the last three months? Think there’s nothing better than a meme to brighten up a dull day?

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Hanny Kusumawati September 11, Commentary 6 Comments. However, take a look into 7 of their greatest qualities to find out why Network Engineers could actually be a hot catch to date. When your computer stops working, your heater makes strange noises, or your shower is leaking, a network engineer sees these nuisances as a challenge. The same goes with your relationship. Network engineers need to be highly logical at work, and precisely because of this, their line of reasoning is quite polished.

They can see a situation objectively, and they are trained to address facts—not assumptions. Something rational like admitting your mistake that might be hard for others comes naturally to them. If you make a mistake or do something wrong, you admit it. For them, this logic is crystal clear. It makes sense.

Things You Need To Know to Date An Engineer